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Project Description
A WebApp to create groups of FTP servers like La Fonera 2 to share files between users.

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The objectives of this project are to create a C# ASP.NET Web Application to :
  • Connect multiple FTP servers together,
  • Propose to users to create groups to share files,
  • Download files from shared FTP servers to his own FTP server.


  • Signup,
  • Login,
  • Configure own FTP server,
  • Check files from his own FTP Server,
  • Create groups,
  • Join groups,
  • Connect and read files from joined groups,

Next Features

  • Transfer files from one FTP Server to another one,
  • Upload files to his own FTP Server from Browser,
  • Download files from his own server to local machine via browser.


  • An ASP.NET server to deploy the application on Internet and propose a first WebSite to use,
  • Users with FTP Servers and/or La Fonera 2 to register and test application,
  • Developers to help me to develop it,
  • Designers to add nicer Web Interfaces.

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