This page presents the configuration for your network and for La Fonera 2 (or an FTP Server)


  • Internet Access,
  • ISP Router Administration Access,
  • La Fonera 2 Administration Access,
  • Putty or another SSH Software,
  • One Network cable to plug one computer to La Fonera 2 WAN.

Configure your Network

Your La Fonera 2 or FTP Server needs a full access to Internet to receive and send requests.
  • In the router's Administration, prefer to define La Fonera 2 as a DMZ,
  • If possible, give to La Fonera 2 a static IP, so if you have to reboot your ISP router or La Fonera 2, you will not lose your network routing,

Configure La Fonera 2's FTP Server via Dashboard (necessary) :

  • (Dashboard > Parameters > Password) - Change password to have more than 8 characters and with one numeric character to avoid an existing bug, (if you don't, you will not have access to FTP, WebGui or Windows Network from Outside Fonera Network),
  • (Dashboard > Parameters > Firewall) - Give Access to FTP from Outside La Fonera 2 Network (you can also give a WebGui access and/or Windows Network access, but we don't need it for FonShare),
  • (Dashboard > USB Disk) - Plug a Hard Drive to La Fonera 2 and configure it,
  • (Dashboard > File Servers) - Check that FTP Server is activated (you can activate Network Access but FonShare doesn't need it yet),
  • Check that you FTP Server is accessible from inside and outside Fonera Network,

Modify La Fonera 2's FTP Server via SSH (necessary) :

  • Plug in a connection to La Fonera 2 with Network Cable,
  • (Dashboard > Plugin) Switch to developer mode to activate SSH connection (only via WAN connection). La Fonera 2 Dashboard interface should be green now, (you need one or to reboot before SHH works) Bye, Bye ENDUSER, Welcome DEVELOPER
  • Connect via SSH (with Putty) to La Fonera 2,
  • Go to following file : '/etc/config/pureftpd'
  • Edit 'maxclientsperip' and 'maxclientsnumber' and it change from 2 to 15. This will allow the FTP Server to have more than 1 connection at a time. See Fon FTP Info for more information.
    • To edit use following commands :
      • vi pureftpd
      • Go to the number you want to change and press 'i', edit and press 'Esc',
      • To delete character press 'x',
      • To save and quit press 'Esc' and write 'wq!' + 'Enter'
      • To quit with no save press 'Esc' and write 'q!' + 'Enter'
  • Add the following line to activate FXP on La Fonera 2 "option allowuserfxp '1'", (Pureftpd ReadMe)
  • Save files and close SSH connection,
  • (Dashboard > Parameters > Password) - Reboot La Fonera 2,
  • You can switch to the user mode on La Fomera 2 if you want,

Configure FonShare Application

Actually if you start the application from your computer or a IIS Instance, you have nothing to configure. You just need to enter information about you, your server and your groups.
  • Sign up and login,
  • Configure your server and check it,
  • Go to "See my files", to check files you want as visible,
  • Create a group or join an existing group,
  • Invit other users to join your groups,
  • See shared files,

Pretty soon, with your help, I hope to be able to implement upload and download from or to La Fonera 2.

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